The Lost Will Follow ar honored and proud Paradize Radio has accepted our music submission. Check out this #Awesome station! They play an awesome mix of music!



The Lost Will Follow need your help. We are in @Gashouse Radio’s tournament of champions. Tune in to www.gashouse.com/player at 6pm and vote thumbs up when they play one of our songs. Help us win against some amazing bands. Here are the details. Please share!!!


Drummer needed!

We are currently looking for a drummer. If interested email us at thelostwillfollow@gmail.com! Looking for someone who can play some percussion for our acoustic sets that we do as well as bring the rock when we play electric!


Today on Gashouse Radio #tuesday #internetradio #acoustic #tompetty #philly #philadelphia #indie #phillymusic #textgram #independent


Today on Gashouse Radio #tuesday #internetradio #acoustic #tompetty #philly #philadelphia #indie #phillymusic #textgram #independent

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Today on Gashouse Radio #tuesday #internetradio #acoustic #tompetty #philly #philadelphia #indie #phillymusic #textgram #independent


Today on Gashouse Radio #tuesday #internetradio #acoustic #tompetty #philly #philadelphia #indie #phillymusic #textgram #independent


TONIGHT!!! FIRST 20 PEOPLE GET FREE STICKER AND KEY CHAIN BOTTLE OPENER! SUPPORT The Acoustic Valium Project! Listen to Amber Ladd, Magnificent Birds of Prey, The Lost Will Follow, Silver Skies! Special Kate’s SunshineCast sticker for $1 dollar donation! Finnigan’s Wake Philly! Doors open at 8pm! Show starts at 9pm. $10.00 to enter. Must be 21 and older. Come on out and have a blast! https://www.facebook.com/events/629563583728320/


Say what?? The Lost Will Follow are Gashouse Radio band of the week? That is awesome! I really can’t thank them enough for what they have done for us! You should DEFINITELY listen in everyday! 



Happy 4th of July 2013

Happy Independence Day. We would like to take a moment to reflect on the ALL of the Fire Fighters and Emergency Responders/Services that have lost their lives. Without brave people like these we would not have communities like we have. We could not enjoy the same Independence Day that we have now. No fireworks. Parades with no fire trucks. I want to take this moment to say thank you to all of the brave Fire Fighters and Emergency Responders that risk their lives so we can live free. Thank you very much for all of your sacrifices. Thank you for your families support, we know they worry every time that call goes out. Thank you for every thing that you do. 

We hope everyone has a very HAPPY and SAFE Independence Day here in America!

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